Area Rug Stain Protection

Here at RugSpa, we strive everyday to provide our customers with the best services and rug cleaning & repair products available! Not only do we clean and revitalize Any Type of Area Rug on the market, we also provide additional service like Stain Protection to keep your rugs that much cleaner, longer!

Preserve Your Rug's Beauty

Our Area Rug Stain Protection acts as a shield, protecting your rug from liquids getting deeply embedded into the rug causing long-term stain damage and helps protect the fibers of your rug from getting decolorized!

We recommend applying our stain protection service to any and all of your rugs to ensure they remain healthier-longer, especially after you get them professional cleaned by us!

Our Stain Protection - from FourGuard

FourGuard Stain Protection - Our FourGuard Stain Protector offers an advanced, superior defense against oil-based spills and dry-soiling. This service lowers the absorbency, minimizes permanent stains, and improves vacuuming efficiency. FourGuard Stain Protector is non-toxic and safe to use in homes with pets and children.

How To Easily Pack & Ship Your Rugs

You no longer need to haul your rugs to the store for a cleaning. After you prepay, we arrange for a Shipping kit to be sent to you with easy-to-follow instructions. FedEx/UPS will then pickup your rugs the next day at no charge!

  • Receive Your RugSpa Shipping Kit

  • Complete with Easy-to-Follow Instructions

  • Roll Your Rug into the Shipping Sleeve

  • Your Rug is now ready for pick-up!