Our History

19th Century Beginnings

Our history began well over 100 years ago when my grandparents began hand-knotting wool Oriental rugs in Sivas, Armenia for distribution throughout western Europe and export to America. At the turn of the 20th century, Armenia was in turmoil. Stifled by civil war and starvation, many Armenians were forced to flee their homeland. In 1905 my grandparents sold all of their belongings, including old, treasured, family heirloom rugs, handmade by my ancestors in the previous century to pay for passage to the United States where they started over and continued to make Oriental rugs to suit American styles.

1918 - Kirishian Bros Open First Retail Shop

In 1920, my father and uncles opened our first family-owned store which sold new area rugs as well as cleaned and repaired rugs. The popularity of hardwood floors in the first half of the 20th century created a huge demand for quality rugs. Due to high demand, additional suppliers were needed for new rugs. My father and uncles began traveling the world, seeking high-quality, handmade rugs to sell in their newly adopted homeland. 

Kirishian Family 

I grew up in the business and was trained by my father and uncles in all aspects of the Oriental rug business, including repair and re-weaving. With regard to rug making, I’ve dyed wool, hand-knotted and hand-woven quite a few rugs myself. I’ve been a rug importer for over 40 years and I travel rug markets, both domestic and abroad looking for quality and craftsmanship. Like my father and grandfather, I have always committed to offering my customers the finest rugs and best services for the money. 

New Century - Offering Services via Internet

Over the years, as some of our customers and friends moved away from Spokane, Washington, we began to get referrals and new customers far from Spokane. These new customers came from up and down the East Coast, South and along the West Coast. Many of them were rug owners looking for someone qualified to restore their rugs. They sought a knowledgeable rug merchant that they could trust with their valuable rugs. Luckily, our satisfied customers have referred them to us.

RugSpa provides hassle-free shipping to and from anywhere within the continental U.S. We specialize in handmade, wool rug washing and rug repair.

"Trust us with your fine rugs. Your rug(s) will be returned to you thoroughly cleaned and beautifully restored. Your rugs' patterns and colors will be just as vivid as when you unrolled your rug for the first time. You have my word on it!"

-Richard Kirishian