no longer need to haul your rugs to the store

Easily Pack-n-Ship Your Rugs

After you prepay, we arrange for a Shipping Kit to be sent to you with easy-to-follow instructions. FedEx/UPS will then pickup your rugs the next day at no charge!

  • Receive Your RugSpa® Shipping Kit

  • Complete with Easy-to-Follow Instructions

  • Roll Your Rug into the Shipping Sleeve

  • Your rug is now ready to pickup!


Notice the difference?

Professional immersion washing naturalizes the acidity and therefore preserves your rugs colors and finish.




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View our Custom Rug Washing Process

Are the area rugs in your home losing their shine & color, OR have they been damaged or worn out from all of the traffic over the years? Fine oriental rugs and specialty area rugs require special care when washing and repairing.

Watch our video here to see how RugSpa’s Inspection Process and Full Immersion Washing Process revitalizes & restores your area rugs to their original splendor.

Our Services

Our team started cleaning rugs locally in Spokane, WA, only to find out that our unique area rug cleaning and rug repair services were needed all over the United States! We make it easy for our customers to get their valuable area rugs cleaned with our shipping processes, and our customers choose us every time because of our convenient and unparalleled cleaning service. 

  • Area Rug Pre-Inspection 

  • Area Rug Full-Immersion Washing 

  • Multi-Step Post Inspection

  • Rug Padding

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  • Rug Repairs (Re-Weaving, Fringe Replacement, Rug Restoring, etc.)

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  • Specialty Cleaning & Repair Rug Add-Ons 

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