What is Trapped in Your Rug When It's Dirty?

What is Trapped in Your Rug When It's Dirty?

Are you wondering what is making your rugs dirty? We’ve got the dirt on that — pun intended. Without professional rug cleaning, you run the risk of having allergens and bacteria building up in your rugs, breaking them down and causing them to wear prematurely. Here’s what is building up in your rugs. 


1. Dirt & Grit

Depending on the location of your rugs, they could be filled with a lot of dirt! Highly trafficked areas of your home, such as the entryway, living room, and bedroom, are exposed to pets, shoes, and young kids. As a result, your rugs will start looking a bit soiled due to the heavy foot traffic and dirt brought in from the outside.  

2. Pollution

Your rugs are a magnet for pollution that can irritate the members of your household. If you open your windows, your rugs will be exposed to dust and pollen that blows through the air and lands in the carpets. When you cook in the kitchen, carbon particles can end up in your rugs and leave them unsanitary. To ensure your family continues to breathe easy, it’s important to regularly remove the pollution buildup from your rugs.  

3. Bugs

If your rugs are in areas of your home where spills are likely to happen, you may be surprised to find out that your rugs are infested with bugs and organisms. When you have young children or rugs in areas such as the kitchen, spilled drinks and crumbs become a source of food for critters that you didn’t invite into your home. 

4. Dead Skin

You may not know it, but a person sheds millions of skin flakes every single day. These skin flakes often become nestled in your home’s rugs. While vacuuming will help keep the dead skin flakes to a minimum, they can get wedged deep within the rug and will require professional rug cleaning to be removed.  

5. Odors

While you can’t physically see odors trapped deep within your rugs, we promise you that they’re there. In households where individuals smoke or have pets that have accidents on the rugs, your rugs will begin to absorb these smells. The only way to remove these smells is to schedule professional rug cleaning to eliminate the buildup that has been absorbed and is causing the odors.

Don’t let bacteria and dirt build up within your rugs. Call RugSpa to schedule an appointment for rug cleaning to keep your family breathing safely and easily. 


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