The Importance of Stain Protection for your Area Rugs

The Importance of Stain Protection for your Area Rugs

An easy way to elevate the look and feel of your home is to incorporate area rugs in your rooms. Not only do they add comfort underfoot but offer a pop of color that complements the rest of your home decorations. But that elevated look can quickly go from fab to dab if your area rugs are in high foot traffic areas or have become stained from spills. 

Luckily, there’s an easy way to keep your home’s area rugs looking as good as the first day you brought them home — area rug stain protection. With FourGuard Stain Protector, your area rugs will have a superior defense against oil-based spills and dry-soiling, ensuring that they retain their beautiful appearance for many years to come. Along with lowering absorbency, minimizing permanent strains, and improving vacuuming efficiency, there are quite a few benefits to area rug stain protection. Today, RugSpa will walk you through the importance of stain protection for area rugs and the benefits you’ll experience.

5 Benefits of Area Rug Stain Protection

1. Reduced Absorbency

Spills can’t be avoided and are going to happen from time to time. But if your area rugs are unprotected, they’re more likely to absorb whatever was spilled, which can make removing the stain nearly impossible. When a stain protectant is applied, it acts as a barrier that lowers the absorbency of the area rug and reduces the chance of spills forming permanent stains. 

2. Easier Cleanup

Not only does a stain protectant work as an added layer of protection for your area rugs, but it makes it easier for stains to be cleaned up. Stain protectant allows stains to become released more easily, allowing you to blot out the stain which will help keep the carpet fibers looking their best.

3. Improved Air Quality

Stain protectant does more than just protect your area rugs against spilled — it also protects them against dirt, grime, and other debris that can irritate allergies due to poor indoor air quality. By limiting the amount of dirt buildup within the rug and requiring less harsh chemicals when the rug does need to be cleaned, your family will enjoy cleaner air in your home. 

4. Increased Lifespan

The fewer stains on your carpet, the less time you’ll spend vacuuming and using a carpet cleaner to keep it looking fresh. Using too many cleaning products or vacuuming the area rug too often can negatively impact the rug fibers, taking years off of its life.  

5. Retains Value

High-quality area rugs retain their value for many years, but that value can degrade quickly if the quality of the area rug isn’t maintained. Using a stain protectant on your area rugs at least once a year will not only keep your rugs looking better for longer, but will reduce the amount of money you need to spend on professional rug cleaning. 


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