The Benefits of Disinfecting Rug Wash

The Benefits of Disinfecting Rug Wash

Think about how much foot traffic your rugs get daily. From children running through your home after soccer practice to hosting neighborhood get-togethers, it sees a lot of wear and tear. While some dirt and grime are visible, your rugs are also prone to holding bacteria and allergens that can negatively impact your family’s health.

To keep your home’s rugs clean and bacteria-free, RugSpa offers a disinfecting rug wash. Here are a few of the many benefits you’ll experience by scheduling an appointment.

Eliminates Viruses & Bacteria

A disinfecting rug wash may be the answer you’ve been looking for to combat the spread of viruses and bacteria that get dragged in from the outside world. While you may not be able to see the dander, allergens, and bacteria building up, your rug is a magnet for these contaminants. By thoroughly cleaning with disinfecting rug wash, you’ll be helping create a cleaner and safer environment in your home for your family and friends. Disinfecting your carpets can remove up to 98% of the allergens and 89% of airborne bacteria in your home. 

Ammonia-Free & Chlorine-Free

Keeping your family happy and healthy is of the utmost importance. When cleaning your home with harsh chemicals, your family is more likely to experience headaches, asthma attacks, nausea, or irritation of the nose, eyes, and lungs. RugSpa’s disinfecting rug wash allows you to get a thoroughly clean rug without introducing toxic chemicals into your home. By cleaning with ammonia-free and chlorine-free disinfecting products, you’ll have less indoor air quality pollution.  


When cleaning the rugs in your home, do you know what the ingredients are? If you have children playing on your carpets, your carpets must be disinfected with green cleaning solutions that aren’t toxic. RugSpa’s disinfecting rug was a green cleaning solution composed of botanically-derived ingredients that feature natural degreasers and antimicrobial properties. Because the disinfecting solution is made of plants, it is harmless to the human body — making it the perfect option for cleaning your home’s rugs. 

Call RugSpa to schedule an appointment for disinfecting rug cleaning to keep your family breathing safely and easily. Or click the button below to begin your Free Rug Washing Estimate!

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