Reasons Why It's Important to Professionally Clean Your Oriental Rugs

Reasons Why It's Important to Professionally Clean Your Oriental Rugs

An oriental rug is a beautiful and timeless investment that effortlessly complements the décor of a home. Because of the delicate nature of this often-expensive flooring choice, it is imperative that your oriental rugs are properly cared for and professionally cleaned. The following are reasons why it is so important to have a trusted expert like the professionals at Rug Spa ensure that your favorite rugs are treated with extraordinary care.

1. Our Exceptional Dirt Removal Process

Although there’s no doubt that you regularly vacuum your rugs to lift any dust and debris, that is not enough. This is especially true if you happen to have your oriental rug positioned in a high traffic area of your home. Unfortunately, not all the dirt and dust get removed by even the best vacuums. That is why you need to seek the professionals at Rug Spa. We have the proper equipment to remove even the most serious stains. Our cleaning technique puts far less strain on your rugs than the typical method of beating or shaking.

2. Avoid Bleeding and Running Colors

If you’ve ever attempted to wash a rug on your own, you know that the dyes and materials used could cause the colors to run. Instead of taking that chemical reaction into your own hands, seek the professionals at Rug Spa. Our industrially tested cleaning materials are meant for properly washing and our fluff drying method ensures colors do not bleed. 

3. Mild Cleaning Method

Some rug cleaning companies still believe in cleaning oriental rugs by hanging them and beating or shaking them. But that is simply not the best way to clean or care for precious oriental rugs. Our gentle method maintains the integrity of your rug to ensure it is not damaged during the cleaning process. 

4. Targeted Stain Removal

Depending where your oriental rug is placed in your home, it may experience tough and frequent stains. At Rug Spa we know that some stains are much tougher to get out than others. And due to the nature of the materials used to make oriental rugs, rug stains can be particularly difficult to remove. By professionally cleaning your rug with us, you can be sure that not only will the stains be removed, but your rug will be treated with care. Our industrial grade cleaning materials get out even the most difficult stains. 

5. Preserve the Lifespan of Your Rug 

With the proper care and professional cleaning of your oriental rug, you can make sure that it will last for many years to come. With the necessary treatment and professional care, your rug will be cleaned and sanitized, so dirt, debris, stains, allergens, smells, and infestations are carefully removed. Let the experts at Rug Spa take care of your rug and restore it to its former glory. Give us a call today! 


When it comes to professional rug cleaning, leave it in the hands of the professionals at RugSpa! We will fully revitalize and repair any of your area rugs! 


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