Keep Your Rugs Clean for a Tidier Home

Keep Your Rugs Clean for a Tidier Home

Chores that need to be done only a few times a year are often considered our least favorite. Power washing the siding of your home, dusting the fridge coils, and washing curtains all fall under this category. But one chore that is often completely abandoned is deep cleaning the rugs. If you cannot remember the last time you professionally had your rugs shampooed, you are not alone. But as you probably know, it does not take a cleaning expert to realize that simply vacuuming your rugs is not enough. Month after month, year after year, bacteria and grime unavoidably accumulates. Because this debris gets buried deep into the fibers of the rug, even the best and most powerful vacuum will not get it all out. In fact, not properly caring for your rug could eliminate the product’s warranty. The following are reasons you should add “Clean Rugs” to your To Do List more often.

How Often Should Rugs be Professionally Cleaned? 

If you keep a relatively regular vacuuming and spot-treating schedule, you could probably get away with cleaning your rugs just once a year. Unfortunately, many people do not vacuum the right way, which means carpets need professional servicing more often. The problem is most people vacuum too fast. But experts suggest a slower pace to vibrate rug fibers more efficiently. This ensures that dirt, debris, and bacteria are better eliminated. 

Kids and Pets May Increase Frequency


If you have pets, kids, or both, you know that these beloved family members are often the messiest. Because of this, you may need to increase the frequency of deep cleaning your rugs. Beyond the dirt that pets and kids track in, keeping your rugs clean is an important matter of safety. Rugs can trap bacteria, dust, and mold spores that can cause health problems to everyone in the family, particularly those who spend more time playing on the floor. Opt for cleaning every six months to avoid exposing the family to various types of pollution found in the rug and to maintain a safe place to play. 

Know What to Look For

Wondering how to tell if your rug needs to be cleaned? There are a few ways to determine when they are due for a shampoo. Perhaps the easiest method is the Smell Test. If you can’t seem to nail down where that lingering and unpleasant smell is coming from, check your rug. Chances are it is the culprit and it’s time to call in the pros.

Another way to know if your rug is in need of a deep cleaning is the Rub Test. This one may surprise you! Simply rub your palm on the rug in a circular motion for about 15 seconds. If you see dirt on your hand, it’s time to get your carpet some serious TLC. Similarly, do a Scrub Test. Take some soapy water and brush to one small part of a rug in a high traffic area. If that spot turns a color that doesn’t match the rest of the rug, it’s time to schedule a rug cleaning.

Although you would probably know your rug needed cleaning sooner, a final determination is the Allergy Test. If you are noticing particularly troubling allergies even after you’ve vacuumed, then it is probably time to clean out the allergens hiding in your rug. 

Take it to the Professionals

Deep cleaning your rug is not a project you should take on yourself. Specialty area rugs and fine oriental rugs require unique treatment. RugSpa’s full-immersion wet wash treatment will revitalize and restore your rugs to look like new. We clean and repair rugs all over the globe. We make it easy for our loyal customers to get their valuable rugs cleaned. If you're looking for the best, most trusted professional area rug cleaner near you, contact RugSpa today! 

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