How to Ship Your Area Rugs to RugSpa® for Cleaning

How to Ship Your Area Rugs to RugSpa® for Cleaning

Whether you want to schedule annual rug cleaning or your Oriental rug needs a quick refresh before a big get together, you’re probably searching for a top-rated rug cleaning company near you. But with your search narrowed down to your local area, you may have a limited number of rug cleaning companies to choose from. If you aren’t satisfied with any of the companies in your area, there’s no need to stress — you can still get high-quality rug cleaning at an affordable price point.

To ensure our customers receive top-rated rug cleaning services, RugSpa provides FREE nationwide shipping for Oriental Rugs or Persian Rugs for specialty cleaning. We make it easy for you to pack up your rug and ship it off for our convenient and unparalleled cleaning service. Ready to get started? Here’s how to use RugSpa’s shipping kit to get your area rugs sent out the next day at no charge! 

1. Receive Your RugSpa® Shipping Kit

You no longer need to struggle to fit your Oriental Rug or Persian Rug in your car to haul it to the local cleaner for specialty cleaning. If you’re interested in scheduling unmatched rug cleaning from RugSpa, contact our team for a free estimate. Once we provide an estimate, our team will handle all the arrangements for your Oriental Rugs or Persian Rugs to be shipped free of charge to our facility using our area rug shipping kit. 

2. Complete the Easy-to-Follow Instructions

Upon receipt of RugSpa’s shipping kit, use the easy-to-follow instructions to prepare your Oriental Rug or Persian Rug for shipping. 

3. Roll Your Rug into the Shipping Sleeve

Using the shipping sleeve that was provided within your area rug shipping kit, carefully roll your Oriental Rug or Persian Rug into the shipping sleeve. Once securely inserted into the shipping sleeve, you’re ready to send it off. 

4. FedEx Picks Up Your Rug the Next Day

RugSpa’s easy-to-follow shipping instructions outline how to coordinate with FedEx for them to pick up your Oriental Rug or Persian Rug at your earliest convenience. There’s no easier way to send off your area rug for cleaning than calling on FedEx to pick up your area rugs the next day at no charge! 

Rug Shipping Video

Check out our Rug Shipping and Handling Video here to how to ship out your rugs to us, in action!  

Call RugSpa to schedule a FREE estimate for Oriental Rug or Persian Rug and to receive your easy-to-follow shipping kit. Or click the button below to begin your Free Estimate form!

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