oriental rug cleaning could vastly improve health

Why Oriental Rug Cleaning Could Vastly Benefit Your Health

We at RugSpa are comprised of professional Oriental rug cleaners that have been servicing the United States with high ratings and an extremely high success rate. The founder and owner of our company has spent his entire life around Oriental rugs. His company dates back to his grandfather’s import of the rugs into the United States, and has an exponential amount of experience with cleaning them.

Each rug is cleaned by hand and receives special treatment by us, including our 6-step cleaning method. Thoroughly cleaning your rug in this manner is known to remove toxins, dust, stains, odors, and bacteria. The 6-step method includes an initial inspection, a pre-wash to remove dust, a first-stage wash (soaking), second-stage wash to prevent soap and detergent from remaining in the rug fibers, grooming and drying, and then an added value: scenting. All of these steps are perfectly safe, beneficial to your health, and leave your rug looking and smelling like new.

Removing these dangerous pollutants from your Oriental rugs can prevent mold and bacteria growth in the rug itself and throughout the home. There is nothing more dangerous than breathing in toxic spores from things that are constantly in the home. No other company in the Oriental rug cleaning niche provides such a comprehensive and thorough cleaning for their customers. This is to ensure that while your gorgeous rug is the highlight of the room, it won’t hold onto any dangerous toxins that could become airborne and affect your health. This is why we are extremely dedicated to our customers’ good health and satisfaction.

While the added health benefits are important to consider, we are also the quickest, most authoritative, and most convenient way to handle any of your rug cleanings. It’s important to get our expert-level estimate as soon as possible and determine a plan of action for removing toxins for your rug!