The Story Behind “Spot” The Rug Spa Dog.


After our doggy Spot flying a magic carpet to the rugspa animation went viral we have been flooded with comments about it. If you are a pet lover then you are all too familiar with the “Spot” in our lives. It’s a love hate relationship that always ends with warm licks to the face or those irresistible “I know I did a bad thing but I still love you” eyes after they have peed all over your carpet or rug. Here at RugSpa we have seen it all, urine stains, dirt, pet hair, vomit etc. From your precious Spot’s all over the Nation. It’s not just our 6 step rug cleaning process that has left our customers with Spot free rug, it’s our secret Eco Friendly Sanitizing and Deodorizing process that makes them smell just as good as they look. This is why we are the preferred Rug Cleaner nationwide for Spot owners like yourself. Oh and don’t worry, if you don’t have a magic carpet lying around don’t worry, Fed Ex will pick it up free of charge for you and send it back good as new!