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Disinfecting Area Rug Wash

Kirishian RugSpa - Pre-Inspection Process

Our experts first will employ an 8-Step Pre-Inspection Process where they carefully identify the problem areas when your area rug enters our rug cleaning plant.

Kirishian RugSpa - Six-Step Hand-Wash Process

After the Pre-Inspection, your rug will go through a 6-Step Deep Water Immersion Hand-Wash Process. Eliminating bacteria and viruses including SARS CoV-2 (COVID-19-coronavirus) no ammonia or chlorine & fumes. 

Then, our area rug cleaning Jet Washer cleans by the use of gentle physics, no stiff brushes. We use ONLY wool certified rug cleaning products!

Kirishian RugSpa - Post-Wash Inspection

After the washing and drying process is complete, all area rugs must pass our final inspection. If a second wash is necessary to remove stubborn stains, a rug will proceed through the area rug cleaning process again.



Kirishian RugSpa - Pet Accidents & Urine Deodorizing

Pet Urine has a very high ph factor that will corrode the wool and change its color, in addition to the smell, if not properly cleaned, the pet will eventually find his or her way back to that same spot! This can lead to a big problem!

Kirishian RugSpa - Musky Pet Odors Deodorizing

Digest odors at the source, rug sanitizing quickly and effectively, changes the odor at the molecular level and works in a shorter time frame than typical bacteria/enzyme products. 

Kirishian RugSpa - Mold & Mildew Deodorizing

Molds produce allergens, which are substances that can cause allergic reactions, as well as irritants and, in some cases, potentially toxic substances known as mycotoxins. Inhaling or touching mold or mold spores ay cause allergic reactions in sensitive individuals. 

Kirishian RugSpa - Additional Cleaning Services - Smoke Cleaning

Smoke can get into HVAC systems, Air Conditioners, Windows, Doors and will contribute to odor issues until those particulates are physically cleaned away. If not properly cleaned from a Rug, it can lead to serious health side effects. 

Kirishian RugSpa - Additional Rug Cleaning Services - Stain Protection2


FourGuard Stain Protection - Our FourGuard Stain Protector offers an advanced, superior defense against oil-based spills and dry-soiling. This service lowers the absorbency, minimizes permanent stains, and improves vacuuming efficiency. FourGuard Stain Protector is non-toxic and safe to use in homes with pets and children. 


RugSpa Mothproofing guards against unwanted guests with our zinc silver-fluoride treatment, not an over-the-counter pesticide. Our mothproofing service will prevent moth-larvae from eating the raw, sweet wool along the edges and fringe of your rugs resting in the dark areas of your home. Mothproofing lasts three to five years and is recommended with each professional rug cleaning. 

Kirishian RugSpa - Additional Rug Cleaning Services - Mothproofing2
Kirishian RugSpa - Additional Rug Cleaning and Repair Services - Re-Weaving and Repair2


During our 8-Step Pre-Inspection process, we examine your rug for any damage and provide a rug repair estimate before cleaning your rug. Trust your valuable rugs to RugSpa's exceptional professional rug cleaning and rug repair team for...

General Repair, Fringe & Edge Repair, Weave Repair, Re-Piling, Re-Dying and Stretching and Resizing!


Kirishian RugSpa - Free Shipping Process - 1. Receive Shipping Kit
Kirishian RugSpa - Free Shipping Process - 2. EasytoFollowDirections
Kirishian RugSpa - Free Shipping Process - 3. Roll Rug into Shipping Sleeve
Kirishian RugSpa - Free Shipping Process - 4. FedEx Next Day Pickup

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