oriental rugs cleaning

RugSpa’s Step-By-Step Cleaning Process for Your Oriental Rugs

Richard Kirishian, owner and founder of RugSpa has been in the oriental rug business since a young age. His grandparents were in the business of manufacturing hand-knotted wool oriental rugs in Sivas, Armenia for export to America and Europe, and he grew to understand the importance of rug cleaning and maintenance in order to keep these high-quality family heirlooms and valuable décor elements in tip-top shape. With a wealth of knowledge about oriental rugs, Richard opened RugSpa, based in Spokane, Washington.

Today, RugSpa provides one-of-a-kind, service-oriented rug cleaning for heirloom and high-value oriental rugs. RugSpa serves customers nationwide, restoring oriental rugs to their original beauty. With the revolutionary “mail-in system,” Richard has made it easy for consumers from all over the United States to send in their oriental rugs to have them professionally cleaned and returned hassle-free.

Your rug’s visit to RugSpa begins with a thorough inspection followed by a multi-step cleaning process to keep your oriental rug looking like new.

Initial Inspection
Prior to any work done on your oriental rug, our experts conduct a careful inspection to determine what is best for its longevity. We look for damage inflicted by pets, moths and wall-to-wall carpet-cleaning equipment. Next, our professionals test for colorfastness and adjust our wash process to protect your oriental rug.

Pre-wash “Dusting”
Regular cleaners simply vacuum the face of an oriental rug. At RugSpa, we use a specially designed machine that applies micro-agitation to remove dirt, dust and debris. These particles can wear away at rug fibers if they are not removed.

First-stage Wash
Next, we soak your oriental rug to reduce soil, dirt and spotting. We pay special attention to the back of your oriental rug and fringes, so that every rug fiber receives a deep cleaning.

Second-stage Wash
Commercial cleaners and their water-extraction methods leave oriental rugs full of soap residue that collects new dirt like a magnet. At RugSpa, our state-of-the-art equipment rinses all detergents from your oriental rug, as it is gently flooded with fresh water, thoroughly removing all cleansing fluids.

Grooming & Drying
We groom every oriental rug by setting it in the proper direction and gently combing the rug fringe. They are dried in an environmentally controlled room, where different levels of heat, temperature and airflow are tailored to individual rug needs.

Fragrance Scenting
This value-added step applies a delicate fragrance, which further sanitizes your oriental rug and lightly freshens a room. Lemon-scented rinsing also takes place at this time to condition the rug pile and liven the rug’s color.

Post-wash Inspection
All oriental rugs cleaned at RugSpa must pass final inspection after the cleaning and drying process is completed. If a second wash is necessary in order to remove stubborn stains, it will proceed through the process again.

Repairs by Hand or Machine
Unlike commercial cleaners, we also repair and restore oriental rugs. Some rugs are repaired quickly by machining on new fringes and edges. For handmade rugs, our expert applies artistry and precision when repairing edges, holes, tears and fringe, working to restore an oriental rug to its original beauty.

Do you have an oriental rug in need of a little TLC? Contact RugSpa today for a free estimate.