RugSpa® 8-Step Hand Washing & Finishing Process



Area and Oriental rugs should only be professionally washed in Plant by RugSpa®, not cleaned in a home

Below is RugSpa® multi-step, premier, handwashing & finishing process


1. Inspection. Your rug is thoroughly examined for stains, soiling, repairs and all findings are carefully notated on your invoice for special attention and suture inspection. Where needed, before and after pictures are taken. 

2. Dry Soil Extraction. Our state-of-the-art pre-dusting equipment uses rigorous agitation to remove all loose abrasive sand, dust, dirt allergens. 

3. Dye test for color stability. We carefully test your rug for colorfastness. We contact you with any concerns. We also adjust our washing process to prevent color transfer ensuring the safety of your rug. 

4. Special attention to stains and wear. These all include food and drink spills, pet accidents, rust narks, worn areas and frayed fringes, adges and holes. This will precede wet washing. 


5. Your rug is then carefully and individually washed. Our hand washing is done where all rugs are laid flat on the floor by deep immersion wet washing. The front and back of the rug is washed using soft water with temperate water temperature. Special wool washing detergents are selected depending upon each rug's fiber content. (Rugs washed at the RugSpa® are not tumbled, agitated, nor are they stretched or wrinkled). Heavy soiled areas are treated at this time. A specially formulated enzyme is used to treat pet-stained areas, removing the residue and odors associated with urine. It is not uncommon for heavy soiled rugs to receive a second washing. 

Rinsing and Water Extraction

6. Your rug is thoroughly rinsed. We use generous amounts of soft water along with our state-of-the-art hydraulically compression-controlled press. It is designed to extract all water from wet rugs along with all detergent agents from the rug fibers so the rug is dry to the touch. This keeps your rug cleaner over longer periods of time. 

Drying and Grooming

7. After rugs are thoroughly rinsed and the water us extracted, rugs enter a heated dry room that is thermostatically and environmentally controlled dry room. The pile is set or napped in the direction it was originally so the rug looks new when it dries in that position. Rugs are hung lengthwise in a twenty-four-foot drying tower with 140-degree heat using huge amounts of air currents moving through them. The next day rug fringes will be rinsed or re-washed. 

Post Inspection, Grooming, Wrapping

8. Upon final floor inspection the rug's fringes and edges will be trimmed. The rug will be vacuumed front and back. If a stain protector is to be applied, it will be done at this time. A final check to make sure all noted procedures are done on the customer's invoice. Any added notes are placed therefor the customer's benefit. Inside each rug will be a care guide with a spotting chart along with pertinent information on how to maintain your fine rug. Finally, rugs are wrapped in plastic to keep them clean during transporting.