How to Remove Pet Stains from Your Oriental Rug

The floors of your house often take the brunt of falls, spills and tracked-in debris. And when you add in pets to the equation, things can get a little messier sometimes. We all love our furry friends, but our home is just as much their home, and controlling where they step, nap and have an accident is often a wasted effort. 

Unfortunately, your pets don’t see the value difference in having an accident on your tile or on your oriental rug. To them, the spot they choose is as good as any. Very few things are more damaging to area rugs, oriental carpets and fine hand-knotted rugs than pet urine. Why? This is because the components of pet urine on a rug are similar to the components of the rug dying process. The high PH level of pet urine and its dying capabilities can quickly lead to corrosion and change of colors of your rug. Not to mention the odor it leaves behind!   

There are many products on the market that claim to work on pet stains and even act as deterrents to pets. The team at RugSpa sees these products as less than 50-percent effective at removing stains from oriental rugs, and often finds that they do more harm than good.

The best way to address pet stains on oriental rugs is to follow these simple steps:

1. Catch and treat accidents as soon as possible.
2. Blot excess liquid with a towel.
3. Flush the rug thoroughly with cold water.
4. Weight a dry towel on top of the rug to absorb water.
5. Seek the services a professional area rug cleaner.

Professional area rug cleaning companies, like RugSpa, utilize high-powered equipment and cleaning agents that achieve maximum and safe results for your oriental and hand-woven rugs. RugSpa is an expert when it comes to removing stains of all kinds and returning your valuable area rug back to its best condition. These heirloom and precious elements of décor might not be able to escape your pets, but knowing how to treat pet stains can ensure their long-term place in your home.

(Photo: ©mguntow/123RF Stock Image)