Proper Rug Maintenance for Long Lasting Rug Life

We all know that washing something is almost a necessity when it comes to preserving the life of it. We humans like to wash ourselves because we get dirty and start to smell. We wash our cars after it gets really dirty, we wash our clothes and other materials once they get dirty.  Just like how we wash all these things, we also have to be sure that our rug(s) get a good wash to preserve the life of their remarkable beauty.

An Oriental Rug Cleaner such as The RugSpa can help keep your rugs clean and looking great for many years.  Professional Rug Cleaners all agree that the best way to wash rugs is the water immersion method without using harsh chemicals. Although this can be a lengthy process, it is the best way to care for the rug and to maintain its beauty for generations to come.

Vacuuming is an important part in rug maintenance but, it does not replace a true Oriental Rug Cleaner Professional.  A Rug Cleaner will not take any chances with your rug by using harsh chemicals in the washing process or use machine washing.  Delicate work like this must be done by hand by a Professional who has the experience of cleaning these pieces of art.  Professional Rug Cleaners should also offer a rug repair service and if they don’t it should be a flag that they are not a highly specialized cleaner. Repairs may include fringe repair, edge ѕеrging, edge bіnding, rug patching and rug reweaving. 

Rugs just like any other valuable pieces need thorough washing to help keep it fresh and long lasting.  Depending on the traffic that the rug gets will determine how often you need to have it professionally cleaned. Also remember, you may have spent a fortune on your rug so please do not ignore it. Keep an eye on the rug and when it’s time to have it serviced, choose the right professional for the job who has experience with rug washing like The RugSpa.