When Should Your Rugs Be Cleaned?

When your rugs begin showing signs of wear, you may call in professional carpet cleaners to restore them to their original beauty. But you shouldn’t wait for them to show signs of wear before scheduling cleaning services. So that leaves us with a very important question — how often should you be cleaning your rugs? The general rule is that you should professionally clean your carpets at least once a year to keep the allergens and dirt in your home to a minimum. However, other circumstances may require you to clean your rugs more often. RugSpa walks you through how often you should professionally clean your rugs.

How Often Should I Schedule Professional 

To determine the correct cadence of rug cleaning for your home, you need to consider the foot traffic. Areas of your home that experience heavy foot traffic, such as your entryway or living room, will often need cleaning more often. While other areas of the home that don’t get much traffic can probably go longer between cleanings.

As a general rule of thumb, most households should schedule a professional carpet cleaning once or twice a year. If your home has low traffic, you may be able to schedule it every 18 months.

If your rugs receive medium to high traffic and you have young children or pets, it is recommended that you schedule carpet cleaning every six to 12 months. Between professional cleanings, you should vacuum weekly to keep bacteria and allergens to a minimum.

Other Considerations: 

While there are general recommendations to follow for professional rug cleaning, there are a few other factors for you to consider that may impact how often you schedule cleaning. 


If you have pets living in your home, you’re going to need professional carpet cleaning more often. For dogs or cats that shed hair and dander, it is recommended that you schedule rug cleaning every six to nine months to remove the buildup of allergens in the space. Between professional cleanings, you should vacuum a few times a week to remove the bacteria and dirt brought in from the outside by pets. 


When you wear shoes inside your home, you track in dirt and grime from the outside world. As a result, the bacteria seep into your rugs and cause them to wear prematurely. While vacuuming weekly will help to reduce the number of particles and dirt being tracked through your home, you will want to schedule regular professional cleanings to prevent unnecessary wear on your carpets. 


Do members of your household suffer from allergies? If so, you may be surprised to find out how much dust and allergens are building up in your home’s rugs! The longer you go between professional cleanings, the more allergens that buildup. When your family walks across the carpets, the allergens will be released into the air and cause irritation and allergy flare-ups for the members of your household. While vacuuming can help, you need to thoroughly remove these allergens to alleviate allergy symptoms. 


When adding rugs to your home, it’s important to read through the manufacturer’s warranty so you’re aware of the necessary maintenance. If you don’t follow the rules of the warranty, you may run into an issue with your carpet down the line that the manufacturer won’t help with. Oftentimes, your warranty will stipulate how often your rugs need to be professionally cleaned once a year to keep them in their best condition. 

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