How to Differentiate Between an Afghan Rug That Needs Cleaning or Replacing

Afghan rugs are often the center of décor in a room. They are naturally placed in high traffic areas because they are just too beautiful not to be seen. Yet because of that, they get stained, worn, and are more susceptible to dirt. How do the Oriental rugs look in your house? Are the unsightly to the point you’re embarrassed? It might be time for a professional carpet or a completely new rug! Keep reading to learn the ways to tell the difference.

Signs You Need a Professional Rug Cleaning 

If your Afghan rug is looking less than stellar, the best way to restore it is by getting it professionally cleaned. Expert rug cleaners have the right cleaning products and equipment to help your rug look (and smell!) like new. The following are a few things to consider when determining indicators that you need a deep rug cleaning.

When was the last time the carpet was cleaned?

Although you may be vacuuming your rugs at least weekly and spot treating stains as they appear, you should be getting your Afghan rugs professionally cleaned at least once a year. Even if you’re cautious about family and guests not wearing shoes in the house and careful about spills, dirt and debris add up. Regularly removing the dust and dirt from your carpet by a professional will help keep your rugs looking their best. If it has been longer than a year since the last time you cleaned your rugs, it is definitely time to call the professionals. If you have children or small pets, you may need to call the experts even sooner. Regular cleanings will help prolong the life of your Afghan rug and remove dirt, dust, and smells. 

Are your allergies acting up?

While some people may blame the changing season for their allergies flaring up, it could be something you may not have even considered - your rug. If you’re noticing that your indoor allergies are getting worse or lasting all year, you might need to schedule your rug cleaning. Even vacuuming regularly, the constant use of the rug can disrupt allergens hiding in the fibers. When they circulate it can filter into your throat and eyes. Regular cleaning can reduce the buildup and lessen the irritation.

Is your rug looking dull?

When you see your rug day in and day out you might not notice that it looks different. But try moving a piece of furniture off of it. Do you see a different, lighter, cleaner rug where the furniture had been? If that is the case, it’s time for a cleaning. The dirt will get lifted out and the rug will be restored back to its bright, beautiful appearance. 

Are there stains on your rug?

Did a child spill a snack, or a pet have an accident on your rug? Attending to stains immediately may help but it won’t get them out entirely. And sometimes there are stains you may have missed completely. If your rug has been stained leave it to the professionals. Standard cleaning products may not do the job or worse, ruin the rug. 

Signs It's Time to Buy a New Rug

A professional cleaning may solve many of the issues with your rug. However, there will eventually come a time where the whole thing needs to go. When looking for signs that it is time to invest in a new carpet, check out some of the common issues below.  

Beloved Afghan rugs will get a lot of use in their lifetime. They become a major part of the home and the room in which they are in. Because of this, wear and tear will eventually cause the rug to break down to a point that even a good cleaning won’t help. Permanent stains from pets, kids, foot traffic, food, and more may create stains that are simply irreversible. Some biological stains (vomit, pet feces and urine) might even become hazardous. Replacing your rug may be the best option to be completely safe.

Professional rug cleaners can help eliminate odors. But sometimes the smell lingers to a point that not even the most skilled cleaners can eliminate. If you notice a musty odor or any other stench remains after a professional cleaning, you should replace it.

Beyond the rug wearing down, the padding under the rug can break down. The padding is what makes your carpet feel nice under your feet and lay flat. Padding also helps to absorb stains and spills and provide insulation. When the padding is worn it can lead to lingering odors and a whole host of other problems. If you notice your rug is uneven, wrinkled, or makes an odd sound when walked on, it’s time to get a new rug.

Eventually even a professional clean won’t help your rug. The problem is, old rugs simply do not always clean as well regardless of the equipment or cleaning materials. After about 10 years rugs start to lose their texture even if it has been well maintained. When your rug is not looking good no matter how hard you try and you’ve had it over 10 years, you should consider investing in a new one


Now that you are aware of what to look for it is time to consider scheduling a professional cleaning or completely replacing your Afghan rug. If you have questions, we can help! Don’t hesitate to give us a call today.