How do you Protect Your Fine Area Rugs?

A fine rug can be an expensive yet rewarding investment. For that reason, it is extremely important to take precautions to protect your rug to keep it looking as good as possible throughout its lifetime. It is highly recommended that you take the following steps to care for your fine rug.

Upon Purchasing

When you bring your rug home, be sure that high-quality padding is placed underneath. This will help protect your rug, floor, and keep it from slipping. Develop a “no shoes” policy to ensure it does not get unnecessary dirt, grime, oil, and other stains brought in from outside the house. It is a good idea to immediately apply a stain protector to reduce permanent staining; this is especially important if your rug is light colored. 

Every Week

Depending on the location of your rug and the amount of foot traffic, you will want to vacuum it regularly. That means, at least once a week or twice a week if it is located in a busy area such as an entrance, hallway, or common area. Be sure before you vacuum your wrong that your machine is in good working order and the bag or filter is cleaned out. As you notice them, trim tails on pile, fringes, and edges. Do not pull them out, always trim them carefully. This does not need to be done every week – keep an eye on the borders and edges and trim when necessary.

Every Year

Keeping your rug in the same location year after year means it will get worn out in some places while looking better in others. You can avoid this by turning your rug yearly and rotating where the heaviest traffic hits on the rug. This will help increase the longevity of the rug with less wear and tear on one particular area.

Every Two Years

Every other year, get your rug professionally cleaned. Do not attempt to clean the rug yourself as it could cause some serious damage. For bad spills, stains, or pet accidents, you may need to get your rug professionally cleaned sooner. Consult with a RugSpa specialist to learn more about getting your rug cleaned properly by a professional.