Area Rug Repair & Re-Weaving

Over time, all of our Area Rugs begin to lose their shine, colors and can even become damaged. Not only do moths and pests get into our rugs and begin to eat through the fibers, even heavy traffic over the rugs can cause the fibers to pull apart and cause tears or rips. Any heavy or sharp objects that fall on the rug can begin to tear the fibers over time and one of the worst factors when it comes to rug tearing, pets! Pets like to run, jump and slide through our homes and on our area rugs. When their claws are long or not trimmed, this can be detrimental to your area rug fibers, OR when the begin to chew on our rugs!

If these tears or rips are not handled in a timely manner and by a professional, this can lead to future-irreparable damages! It's crucial that when these tears happen, you get in contact with the professionals at RugSpa right away to repair and re-weave your area rugs!

Rug Re-Weaving and Repair in Spokane, WA

During our 8-Step Pre-Inspection process, we examine your rug for any damage and provide a rug repair estimate before cleaning your rug. Trust your valuable rugs to RugSpa's exceptional professional rug cleaning and rug repair team for... 

General Repair, Fringe & Edge Repair, Weave Repair and more!

4 Easy Steps for FREE Nationwide Shipping

How to easily pack and ship your Oriental Rugs, Hand-Knotted Rugs or Persian Rugs for our Specialty Cleanings!

You no longer need to haul your rugs to the store for a cleaning. After you prepay, we arrange for a Shipping Kit to be sent to you with easy-to-follow instructions (see below and on our Nationwide Shipping page for more details). FedEx/UPS will then pickup your rugs the next day at no charge!

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