5 Common Oriental Rug Cleaning Mistakes

An oriental rug can look majestic, lying there on your floor. It can complement your furniture, give character to your house – it can even be used to hide imperfections in your flooring.


But an oriental rug doesn’t come without its challenges. As they’re big, and well made, cleaning such a rug can be difficult. It’s not that the rug is difficult to clean, per se, it’s just that many aren’t aware of the correct cleaning practices. Oriental rug cleaning needs to be done properly. If it isn’t, the rug may still harbor dirt and germs. At the very least, poor cleaning practices can harm your rug, leaving it feeling rough to the touch, and looking lifeless.


If you want to get the most out of your purchase for years to come, clean smart. Here are 5 of the most common rug cleaning mistakes that people make, and advice on how to avoid them.


1. You don’t use enough water


Water is an essential part of the cleaning process, so it’s no surprise that those who don’t use enough of it when cleaning their oriental rug run in to problems. These rugs are stain resistant, meaning they’re designed to resist liquids. Use extra water when cleaning, then leave your rug outside to dry completely.


2. You use the wrong solution


In the same way that there are special cleaning solutions for light clothes, dark clothes, wool, silk etc., there are specialist solutions for cleaning oriental rugs. Novices don’t always realize this, and so attempt to clean their rug with something they find in the grocery store. That could harm it. Find a solution that will not only help with cleaning your rug, but that will also prevent ‘bleeding’ afterwards.


3. You delay


Time is of the essence when it comes to cleaning. Once dirt and grime get trodden into something, it’s harder to get them out. Oriental rugs included. If ever you see a stain or dirt on your rug, begin cleaning immediately to get them out. Every minute counts.


4. You don’t turn to the help of professionals


Professionals are there to help with many things, rug cleaning included. They come with the required blend of experience and equipment that is essential for getting your rug spotless. While hiring them will involve some expense, it is worth it if you care about the appearance of your oriental rug.


5. You turn to deodorizing powders


Powders that you can get from grocery stores aren’t designed to be used for cleaning. They don’t have anti-bacterial properties, and they don’t have the ability to remove stains. Their only ability comes in the form of removing bad odors. Take the advice of the other 4 tips instead of using a deodorizing powder on your rug.