5 Common Oriental Rug Cleaning Mistakes

An oriental rug is often a room’s statement piece. It can complement furniture, give the space character and even be used to hide imperfections in your flooring. It’s often a talking point when visitors notice and admire the hand-woven work of art. It’s a household item to be treasured, and should be treated with care.

Caring for oriental rugs does pose challenges, however. They’re large, awkward and heavy to clean, and many aren’t aware of the correct cleaning practices. Oriental rug cleaning needs to be done properly. If it isn’t, the rug may continue to harbor dirt and bacteria. Poor cleaning practices can harm your rug and shorten its lifespan.

To get the most out of your oriental rug, clean smart by learning to avoid these five rug cleaning mistakes.

Not Enough Water

Water is an essential part of the cleaning process. Since oriental rugs are stain resistant, they are designed to resist liquids. This means ample water is needed to soak through the fabrics and adequately rinse the fibers.

What to do: Use extra water when cleaning, then leave your rug outside to dry completely.

Wrong Cleaning Solution

Just like there are specific cleaning solutions and detergents for white clothes, dark clothes, wool, silk and such, there are special solutions for cleaning oriental rugs. Attempting to clean these rugs with a solution from a local grocery store can harm the fibers and colors.

What to do: Purchase a solution created for oriental rugs—specifically one that will prevent bleeding afterwards.

Wait Too Long Between Cleanings

Once dirt and bacteria settle into an oriental rug’s fibers, the more difficult it is to get them out, just like with other carpeting and fabrics. Don’t delay cleaning your rug. Oriental rugs left without cleanings long-term are more likely to become damaged and faded.

What to do: If you notice a stain, it’s time to start cleaning.

Skip the Professional Cleaning

DIY cleaning jobs don’t match those of professional rug cleaners. Professionals are equipped with the knowledge and experience in cleaning all types of oriental rugs, and they utilize high-powered equipment built specifically for the job. Furthermore, professional rug cleaning services employ a thorough process and inspection to ensure your rug meets their high standards.

What to do: Opt to use a professional rug cleaning service now and then to maintain the quality, color and cleanliness of your oriental rug.

Use Deodorizing Powders

Store-bought deodorizing powders do not have anti-bacterial properties, nor do they have the ability to remove stains. Their purpose is solely to remove bad odors. Using these powders to clean your rug is insufficient.

What to do: Follow the four suggestions above to properly clean your rug and you shouldn’t need to turn to deodorizing powders.

Keep your oriental rug well-maintained and you will be able to enjoy its colors and character for years to come.

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(Photo: ©Maksim Marchanka/123RF Stock)